The Gibsons Curling Club Board of Directors and the Covid Committee have thoroughly reviewed the Curling Canada Return to Play Guidelines and the Curl BC return to curling GCC for the 2021-2022 season. Detailed Safety Plans have been created under WorkSafe BC requirements to protect our staff.

Since the coronavirus situation is so fluid, these guidelines are subject to change at any time. Changes will be communicated to our membership as they occur.

We all must adhere to the following for a safe return to curling.

Vaccine passport is required to participate and enter the club.

If you are not feeling well in any way, STAY HOME. This is not a request; it is a requirement. Do not risk getting other members of the GCC sick because you wanted to curl or didn’t want to let your team down. It is imperative that everyone make all efforts to prevent coronavirus from entering our building.

If someone on the ice is clearly not feeling well, we request that members of that person’s team ask the sick person to go home.


There are two versions of the form, an excel version, and a pdf version.

If you are able to open and fill out the excel version, we would ask you to do this and e-mail it to the club at

Download the excel form

If you are not able to access the Excel version of the registration form, please download a pdf version print it out and manually complete. Please return it to the club.

Download a pdf version of the registration form

If online registration is not an option for you please call the Club to register at 604-886-7512.

The Club would greatly appreciate if you could submit your payment of your registration fees by way of e-mail money transfer to  If that option is not available, you can pay your fees by way of cheque or cash delivered to the club. 

Registration will open Friday, October 1, 2021. Payment is expected at the time of registration or during the open house times. Open house dates are Tuesday, October 5th and Thursday, October 7th 10:00-11:00am and 7:00-8:00pm.


A $40 fee will be added to help offset the extra cleaning and cleaning supplies required.

The online registration form can be accessed on the Gibsons Curling Club website. If you are unable to access please email the club. Our preferred method of payment is e-mail money transfer. E-mail money transfers can be made through your on-line banking to The second payment option would be to mail a cheque to the curling club.
Expect to sign a waiver of liability or assumption of risk form as has been the case historically, and a Covid-19 Declaration of Compliance upon registration.

Changes to leagues
We are currently operating under Phase 3 CurlBC and ViaSport regulations. Phase 2 allows 3 player or 2 player teams only. Phase 3 allows 4 player teams. We are governed by the Provincial Health Authority.

Some leagues will have their capacity, start time or end time modified to reflect registration numbers. Some leagues may need to combine with another. We are still working this out with league representatives and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Changes to bonspiels
Our bonspiels are cancelled for this year.

Moving around the building
Physical distancing must be maintained at all times. Visual markers will be provided for spots to change shoes. Seating will be provided with ABCD on them. Please sit in a spot that corresponds with the sheet you will be curling on. One door will be used to enter the ice arena and the other will be used to exit.

The locker room will be closed and unavailable for any use. Curlers will need to arrive at the rink dressed to play.

Health checks
Hand sanitizer stations will be provided around the building. Please sanitize your hands upon arrival and before entering the ice arena.
Please feel free to bring your own sanitizer to use. Curlers may also bring their own sanitizer wipes to clean their own rock handles, brooms, etc. if that makes you more comfortable.

Masks must be worn at all times in the Gibsons Curling Club. While on the ice when the game is under way masks do not need to be worn.

Any disposable or cloth mask that provides protection against droplets is acceptable. If you forget your mask, some will be available for purchase at the club. Bandanas, buffs, gaiters and visors are not acceptable. Please see the References section for further information. It may be a good idea to bring an extra mask to change into if your mask gets damp or wet.

If you refuse to wear a mask, you will be denied entry to the GCC.

Building sanitation
A strict and thorough regime of building sanitation will occur after every draw. This will occur on the main floor and in the ice arena.

Ice arena
Water coolers have been removed. If you must have water, bring your own full water bottle (the kitchen is not available to refill your bottles), labelled with your name.

Carpooling is discouraged.

When to arrive for your league and where to prepare to curl
SANITIZER is provided by the door, please sanitize your hands when you enter the lobby.

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of your game. Please change clothes and stretch before you arrive at the GCC.

There will be no place to change clothes and no room to stretch. The only thing you can do after arriving at the GCC is change into your curling shoes.
As soon as you have put on your curling shoes, proceed immediately to the sheet you are curling on. This allows other club members to use the chairs and lobby and will allow for physical distancing.

When you arrive at your sheet of ice move directly to your initial starting position. Do not congregate at the end of the ice as has been the practice historically. The team with hammer will need to be determined prior to heading out on the ice.

There will be no league boards utilized in the lobby area.

Please check the schedule online at home to see what sheet you are curling on.

Leave your street shoes under your chair and bring the rest of your stuff with you out into the ice arena and leave it at the end of your sheet. Please minimize the amount of stuff you have with you.

On the ice
Please maintain physical distancing at all times on the ice. Do not touch anybody else’s property, or their rocks.

We will adhere to Curling Canada guidelines and Curl BC Guidelines. Please review these at and Some highlights of these guidelines are mentioned below.

Lead from the team without the hammer as predetermined on the draw will sanitize all 16 rock handles on their sheet before the start of the game and the skip form the same team will do all 16 rock handles at the conclusion of that same game.

You will throw the same 2 rocks for the entire game, if for some reason there is a change, you must re-sanitize your rocks.

Do not shake hands or touch in any way! Wish your opponents “good curling” from an appropriate distance.

Hammers will be predetermined and will be shown on the draw.

Club equipment such as brooms and stabilizers will be removed from the ice arena and will NOT be available for borrowing. These are considered potential high touch objects.

Line up all rocks in single file across the back using your brooms or shoes to push them. Do not touch other people’s rocks with your hands or gloves!

Team with the hammer: proceed to the indicated markers between the 2 hog lines and stay on the indicated marker until the rock and sweeper have moved past the hog line at the far end. Skip with hammer proceed to the far end-take position on the backboard at the far end.

Team without the hammer: proceed to positions, one sweeper, one thrower, Skip at other end, 4th player (if applicable) stands behind the thrower on the backboard.

Only one sweeper will be allowed at a time, and the other sweeper is not allowed to take over at any time during a rock’s travel. No sweeping will be allowed behind the tee line by either skip. The active sweeper may sweep their own team’s rock behind the tee line. The active sweeper may not sweep the opposition’s rock behind the tee line.

When a skip’s team is not throwing, the skip must move behind the hacks onto the back board to make room for the throwing team’s skip.

Try to avoid measuring, but if it’s necessary one player should remove gloves, sanitize their hands, retrieve the measuring device, use it and return it, and then re-sanitize their hands. Don’t touch the measuring device with gloved hands since gloves cannot be easily sanitized.

If possible, avoid hanging the score. If it is necessary to hang the score, the skip with the hammer will put up the score for both teams and after the game the same person needs to sanitize the numbers used.

Between ends, the team that has the hammer in the next end should vacate the playing area by moving past the hog line, and the team that will throw first in the next end will put away the rocks, while maintaining distancing. Consider having two players push the stones from the playing area to the corners, and one player arranging the rocks in single file. Use your broom or your shoes to move the rocks.

What to do after you are done with your game
Do not shake hands! Congratulate your opponents on a “good game” from an appropriate distance.

Please exit the ice arena using the designated door, change back into your street shoes in the same chair you used earlier. If there are other teams in the lobby, wait on your sheet of ice, maintaining social distancing, until all of the curlers in the lobby have left before your team have enters the lobby.
Please do not linger in the lobby after you have changed your shoes so that other curlers can safely remove their curling shoes.

RESULTS – advise your league coordinator of the W/L of your game (Process to be finalized and or determined by your league rep).

It has been decided that to keep things simple … the lounge run by volunteers will not be open this session.

The kitchen will be closed, and members must avoid entering or using the kitchen including the kitchen counters.

Pro Shop
There will be items available but purchase must be done with physical distancing ensured and appropriate rules will be posted on the office door.
As the club rental equipment will not be available to rent this year, curlers will need to get their own equipment. Again, please remember you are not able to borrow other curlers’ throwing aids, etc. during the game. You will need to acquire your own. In order to have equipment as soon as possible, please place your orders as soon as you register.

There are three main suppliers that the club uses. They are:
Edge Curling (
Asham Curling (
Goldline Curling (

Please review their web sites and identify what items you would like to purchase. E-mail the club with a list of items you would like ordered for yourself. Please use the title “Pro Shop” when emailing the club with your order. When the items are received, you will be contacted and advised they are in and the amount owing.

Our preferred method of payment for Pro Shop items is e-mail money transfer. E-mail money transfers can be made through your on-line banking to The second payment option would be to mail a cheque to the curling club.

Washrooms will remain open, but one person only at a time. Please ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly and use sanitizer before entering the ice arena.

If you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19
If you have been in the Gibsons Curling Club and you suspect or know that you have COVID-19 please contact the club and your league coordinator immediately.