Gibsons Train Set Silent Auction

Gibsons Curling Club is holding a silent auction for a unique train set/work of art.

This custom created train set with hand crafted village was created by local artist E.A. Evans and includes tiny houses, boats, dock, ocean, lamp posts and posters.

This unique multi-media creation depicts a version of Gibsons Landing, including Molly's Reach and a Canada Post Office.

The Athearn HO scale train includes engine, caboose plus 3 additional cars in working order. It also includes a station, water tower and tunnel.

The set is created on a 4' x 8' plywood and custom built to stand 41" high.

The bidding on the train set is open until 2pm on July 21. For more information, please call the Gibsons Curling Club at 604-886-7512 or visit us during the next flea market on July 21 from 10am - 2pm to place your bid.

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