JUNIOR ( 10 to 18) - Membership Costs and Joining
The members …
The club is a non-profit society, open to anyone and everyone. It does not operate as a private club; rather it strives to keep playing fees as low as possible to encourage curlers, young, old, new or experienced from all walks of life. It can keep fees low only by its' members strength, initiative and dedication at keeping the club a going concern.
The Club could not function without the help of volunteers. They are essential to run all the programs and events held by the Club throughout the year and to keep fees low. Volunteering is a gratifying experience and you will meet many other great people.
There has not been many junior curlers in the club the past few years.  There are a variety of options available for young people if they want to curl.  Please stop by the club on the following nights to show your interest and we can tell you about the options.

* Tues         October 5th        7-8pm  Registration, Open Ice and Learn 2 Curl
* Wed        October 6th         7-8pm  Registration, Open Ice and Learn 2 Curl
* Thurs        October 7th        7-8pm  Registration, Open Ice and Learn 2 Curl

Or call our Ice Maker at the Club 604-885-7512