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2019 Men’s Bonspiel Results

And the winners of the 2019 Men’s Bonspiel at Gibsons Curling Club (January 18 – 20) are:

A Event

2019 Men's Bonspiel Winners
Left to right. Skip Cal Fister, 2nd Murry Day, Lead Brad Zalys and 3rd Barry Meyer

1st in the A –  Meyer team,  Skip Cal Fister, 3rd Barry Meyer 2nd Murray Day,  and lead Brad Zalys.  4th year in a row win!! 

2nd in the A – Sykes team from Marpole
3rd in the A – Campbell team – Skip Glenn Campbell, 3rd Ken Johnson, 2nd Rob VanBemmel and lead Howie Larsen – Gibsons

B Event

1st in the B – Greenlaw team from Richmond
2nd in the B – Szabo team from Royal City
3rd in the B – Sasaki team from Royal City

C Event

1st in the C – Harrison team from Port Moody
2nd in the C – VanLeeuwen from Royal City
3rd in the C – Petursson team from Langley